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Trent & Hanover, a Website Design & SEO Company based in Fulham was born out of a dream, with no more than a guy, a laptop and a grand vision. It took a lot of sincere grind and hustle on the road. Our founder gave up a ‘day job’ and selected a route on the tube everyday, going door to door pitching to small London business around the capital. Before we knew it, we were working with restaurants in Harrods and fashion labels in Soho. Since those days we’ve grown from one person to a team of three – yet the roots remain the same.

We pride ourselves on being a small company – and we think that matters. In an increasingly interconnected world, we love connecting with people. Trent & Hanover is dedicated to making it work for you and take painstaking effort to listen to what your brand wants and finding what works in digital media. We are experts in content writing and social media positioning. We believe that everyone is capable of turning their passion into their work, and we can help you with the essential know-how and support to find your unique voice to build your brand.

2016 has been the most exciting year thus far for the company, as we have just opened up our new office in Fulham in West London, and moving forward, we are looking to further advance the ongoing success of our clients and our company. This small but steady and organic approach to the way Trent & Hanover Creative has grown, and the way we nurture our existing client base as well as new clients is what makes us different.

Whilst other agencies may rely on huge advertising campaigns and promotions, we let our work and our ethics and the feedback from our client base speak for itself – we’ve grown entirely from word of mouth recommendation and we pride ourselves on this, and on the honesty and integrity of how we work with our clients. We pride ourselves on a wholly personal and honest service, and when you contact us, we’ll make the time and effort to come see you, and talk things through to make any vision come alive.  Just ask our small but steadily growing client base, which has grown purely from word of mouth recommendation.

We are here to create effective, insightful and imaginative creative that brings businesses actual results. Whatever your story you can be assured of our one-to-one support from conception through to launch and beyond.

Dreams are there to be realised. Let’s make it happen.



We specialise in serving small and medium sized businesses and many of our clients have become our friends over the years. We take great pride in offering an honest, sincere and a bespoke service.

Widows or Widowers
Forever Cruises
Himalaya Momo House
Singapore Garden
Bigcat Travel Insurance
Bathrooms Source
Richmond Guitar Studio


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