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Why you should not be afraid to pursue your business dream?

Starting your own business can seem to be a truly daunting challenge. Why? There are so many reasons. You are your own boss: the buck truly stops with you. You can’t blame anyone else when things go wrong that you were supposed to sort out; you might have someone underneath you who makes a mistake [...]

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A very happy client treated us to a one week cruise holiday

At Trent & Hanover, we have been very fortunate with our clients in general. In particular we would like to highlight here the rewards Trent & his family have been lucky enough to receive as a result of strong dedication and focus on a particular client’s company and their development. What we did Trent & [...]

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Why the Quality of your Content is Important for SEO?

This is a simple question with a few answers. Right from the start let’s just say that there needs to be a careful balance between how much you say with how many words and the clarity and validity of said words. Careful editing can help with this, but it can be a hard balance to [...]

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Getting to know Trent a little bit more – the story of our Founder and Creative Director

Trent Vora’s life to this point has been a series of extremes, from tragedy to triumph and everything in between. But through dedicating himself to finding his purpose in life he has become a highly successful businessman running his own web development agency for businesses all around London. He was born in Mumbai in the [...]

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Why are small businesses important to us and why we have preferred to remain small?

Why are small businesses so important? It’s something we at Trent & Hanover are very aware of, given our entire business idiom is focused on helping small businesses to develop themselves and take great pride in this. There are many reasons, but inevitably one of the biggest is because small businesses are - invariably - [...]

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What are Backlinks and why do they matter?

Well, for one, backlinks are the biggest way for people on other websites to find your own, because that’s exactly what they are: links directly to your website from another place on the internet. It’s not complex, but it matters a lot, because a link is important; it lends a great deal of weight to [...]

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What are Local Citations and why are they Important?

In the most straightforward terms, a local citation is any place where your business is mentioned on another part of the internet, be it a different website or anything else. Their importance cannot be overstated, however, as they are one of the most important factors in ensuring you rank highly in local search results. Other [...]

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Why SEO is not only important but necessary for your website

SEO is one of the key reasons our business has developed over the years.  This is both on account of our own self development, and in terms of how we use our expertise in this field to help our clients’ websites to have exceptionally good SEO. Important and Mandatory Why is it so important?  Moreover, [...]

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