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7 Ways to increase conversions from Social Media

Introduction At one point, Search Engines were always the primary traffic generators to any given website. These days, you can also take advantage of Social Media and bring in more traffic to your site than every search engine combined together; furthermore, social media even allows you to generate more targeted traffic than search engines by [...]

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5 Tips for Creating Perfect Landing pages

Introduction What is a landing page? Put very simply, it is a page which anyone using the web will automatically end up arriving on when they either click on a 'call to action' link, or on an advertisement pointing towards a specific site; in short, they are specially dedicated pages that have been set up [...]

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The Most Important SEO Tip Small Businesses Need to Know

Introduction One of the best ways to drive visitors to your business’s website is to first consider, what do they look for when they do online searches? At Trent & Hanover, this is something we always consider when helping any of our clients to develop their SEO (search engine optimisation). Over the years we have [...]

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6 Key Reasons for Entrepreneurs to Outsource their Marketing

At Trent & Hanover, one thing we’re extremely aware of is the importance of really good marketing. No customer will be rushing to get to your door and use your services without the correct encouragement; effective marketing can make all the difference for your business, preventing failure and ensuring success, but you may feel the [...]

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The Importance of Updating your Business’s Website

Introduction Have a good look at your site; when was the last time you updated it? The market research firm Clutch did a survey of around 350 small business owners recently. According to this survey, 46% of them did not possess a website for their company. At Trent & Hanover, as a Web Design, Development [...]

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7 Reasons why your website isn’t ranking in Google

Introduction Perhaps you can’t find your website listed in Google for its target keywords…and this must be disheartening, to invest so many hours into developing your website yet for it to go nowhere. Of all the ways to generate traffic, ‘organic search traffic’ is perhaps the most cost-effective. At Trent & Hanover, we have much [...]

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Top 10 benefits of using WordPress

Introduction Let’s suppose you’re planning to start a new website. A lot of the processes associated with maintaining, creating, and updating a site can be complex - if you use an external ‘site builder’, or an application like Notepad. But you don’t need to worry about any of that; you can sidestep this issue simply [...]

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