Having a strong online presence is vital to any organisation desiring to experience success in today’s business world. With people spending more time on their phones than ever before, you’ll tap into some serious traffic for your business if you can harness the power of the Internet. In order to experience maximum success with your brand, consider using these five online tactics as marketing tools for your business.

Start a Facebook Group

Because of the constant changes in Facebook algorithms, it can be easy for people to miss the content you post. Starting a Facebook group will help you get directly involved with people who want your content. The people in your Facebook group will get notifications each time you post a new piece of content, so fewer of them will miss what you want to share. This is not possible with regular Facebook posts.

Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is owned by Google, and Google is the largest search engine in the entire world. When you focus on creating content on YouTube, you can strategically place yourself as an expert in your field. Be sure that your camera quality is good and your lighting is bright. Speak clearly so that viewers can understand what you’re sharing, and always be sure to direct them to subscribe to your YouTube channel for future videos.

Share Behind-the-Scenes Instagram Stories

Everyone loves a sneak peek at what’s going on behind the scenes. Instagram stories are fun ways to share your brand without the pressure of monitoring likes and digging through comments. Sharing Instagram stories is also fast and simple, meaning you can improve your online presence on the fly, no matter what’s going on at the time.

Know What Your Followers Like Most

When the time comes to prepare new content, take a look at what has gotten a positive response from your followers in the past. Replicate what has worked well, and avoid the types of content that have not created positive results. The more you focus on the exact types of content that have been proven to resonate with your followers, the more success you will see.

Tell compelling stories

People on Facebook enjoy longer posts that share personal, inspirational messages, which isn’t the case on almost any other social media platform. This creates a unique opportunity for your business. By sharing stories and anecdotes that your followers can relate to on a personal level, you will encourage them to share your content. This only happens when your content is highly relatable and transparent, and in order for that to be the case, you will need to tell compelling stories.

There are many exciting methods you can use to turn your online presence into a powerful marketing tool. Implementing any of these strategies will give your brand a boost and set your business up for both short- and long-term growth.