At Trent & Hanover, one thing we’re extremely aware of is the importance of really good marketing. No customer will be rushing to get to your door and use your services without the correct encouragement; effective marketing can make all the difference for your business, preventing failure and ensuring success, but you may feel the need to keep it ‘in-house’ – never to outsource it.

But in fact, outsourcing your business’s marketing to a professional agency with good experience has enough benefits to outweigh the negatives (potential loss of control, for one). Here are a few of them.

1. The Power Of Accumulated Knowledge and Experience

While you may be an expert in your own field, a marketing agency has the ability to drawn on experience which comes from helping literally hundreds of customers/client companies to achieve their goals across different areas.

They may use the lessons learned on the money of previous clients to benefit your company hugely – no matter the differences across business sectors.

And a dedicated agency will find it far easier to stay on top of develops in strategy, technology, etc, which can only be an advantage. Having helped so many clients over the years with their content marketing, at Trent & Hanover we are well aware of the huge benefits of an agency (such as ours) helping clients with their marketing on every level.

2. Scalability & Flexibility

Because keeping an in-house marketing team requires committed resources, it may result in larger costs in both the short and long term.

Let’s say you have a new product launch and you need a publicity boost; if your order books are filled up, then scaling down your marketing efforts might make sense.

To put it simply, contracting out your marketing to another firm allows you to market as and when you need to, which naturally reduces costs when you don’t need to.

3. Fees related to performance

Another way outsourcing can reduce your costs include the fact that a lot of marketing agencies will work on a results basis; such as meeting targets before payment from you or receiving performance related bonuses, for example. This removes the need to worry about the efficiency of each element of marketing strategy.

4. Getting more for less

Because an agency which handles a great many other clients – in addition to your company – can secure preferential rates for things such as content development and advertising, you’ll end up spending less money than if you employed your own full time marketing staff.

5. The reduction of management

If you hire a marketing agency (such as us at Trent & Hanover) as opposed to recruiting and managing an in-house team, you won’t need to worry about supervising your employees on this front; you can just focus on your own long term business strategies and planning. It’s far more efficient.

6. A wider perspective

To conclude, as the owner of a business, because you’ll have a very close relationship with your own company and the products and services you provide to your clients, you may find it hard to think outside the box; hiring a professional marketing agency, on the other hand, means that you have access to another set of perspectives – theirs – and their naturally more impartial approach lends itself to seeing your services and products in a different light, thus finding fresh ways to market them.

At Trent & Hanover, this is something we’ve always been aware of, and we’ve used this knowledge to help our clients with their marketing strategies immensely. So come to us, and we’ll help you with everything mentioned above – you won’t be disappointed.