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020 7118 8383

Acre Driveways

As a WordPress Development and Design and SEO company, one of our general tasks at Trent & Hanover is to help businesses with every aspect of their online development and success; these are fields we have much experience and expertise in and it has proven to be of invaluable help to our clientele.

Most recently, we have helped Acre Driveways to make their business immeasurably stronger by assisting them in the development of their website.

To this end, we designed them a responsive WordPress website, carefully created to fit their needs in the most ideal manner. In particular, we provided their website with several specific advantages which have greatly helped them to increase their consumer base and make their website even more accessible and useful for their existing customers.

First, we designed it so that loyal customers of Acre Driveways – or even just curious potential ones – have the option to request samples, of tiles and other products from their site, thus removing the need for them to always visit the store in person and giving them more options in general; naturally it will lead to an increase in their number of customers, as it has made their website more accessible, more practical and more interesting.

Second, we created a gallery for their site. This means that now, when a customer wants to get a driveway built (for example), they can simply have a browse through the gallery for inspiration and ideas related to designs; providing another innumerably great advantage for their business, as it gives customers the opportunity to use Acre Driveways’s website to begin making their own plans for driveway or patio related home improvements.

Third, we created a specific section on their site for Tips & Guidance; a place in which Acre Driveways have provided a lot of useful ideas for budding customers to use when planning improvements to their driveways or patios, and another addition to the website’s generally accessible and friendly style.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we created a downloadable ebook catalogue for all of Acre Driveways’s products; we tailored the design to ensure it looks really good on both smartphones and computers in equal measure.

In closing, Acre Driveways have been a long term client of Trent & Hanover; we were very happy to assist them and extremely pleased with the results we were able to achieve.

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