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Luxury Cruise Holiday in the Mediterranean

More times these days than ever, we get offered an opportunity to lend enormous to help a company by marketing one of its services to a really high level, attracting huge numbers of new customers and leading to massive increases in revenue for both them and ourselves.

A recent case in which we assisted Unique Cruises in developing the marketing of one of their very specific cruises: a week long, extremely highly branded holiday all around the mediterranean called Anchored, a truly stunning week of glorious debauchery and indulgent mayhem for high networked young people to engage in for just £700, all inclusive of rooms, food, drink, events and all else. It was extremely important for us to ensure the look and feel of the website for Anchored carefully targeted the general market of such high networked and affluent young people, especially those working in the city. This was the angle Unique Cruises wanted, and after developing a strong connection with them and analysing their business needs carefully, we used our expertise in content marketing and web design to tailor Anchored’s website in such a way as to appeal to this particular demographic.

The results speak for themselves, naturally. We also used our skills at web development to ensure the videos on their site were properly optimised in such a way as to reliably play on any smartphone, thus increasing potential revenue given the number of people likely to search such things on their phones when out and about as opposed to waiting until they get home to use their computers. The videos on Anchored’s website now play beautifully and with ease on any smartphone. In order to be certain that the visual aspects of Anchored’s site operated at the highest level of beauty and attraction for their customers, we took the time to edit their videos for them. We were thus able to enhance the appeal for anyone visiting the website through precisely editing Anchored’s videos to make them as eye catching as humanly possible, showing exactly why going on such a cruise would be so enjoyable.

To save time and ensure maximum revenue, we utilised our skills additionally designed an online booking and payment system for the site, making it easier than ever before for customers of the Anchored holiday to quickly book and pay in advance for their luxurious seven day cruise. Anchored takes its customers on travels all around the mediterranean, from Rome all the way to Greece and around, passing by incredible sights visible from the ships’ enormous bow. To highlight this, we have integrated various social media feeds such as Instagram onto the site, increasing the connections between the world of social media and this rather resplendent cruise.

The cruise itself is genuinely a sight to behold. Famous DJs such as Andrea Oliva, Steve Lawler, Richy Ahmed and Patrick Topping feature on all the main music events. The ship has no less than seven spectacular restaurants offering a wide range of cuisine from all over the mediterranean. To put it mildly, going on this cruise is like being on a slowly moving, widely spaced, truly epic, seven day long Ibiza styled party. We feel we were able to highlight all of this very strongly through our assistance in developing the Anchored website.

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