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020 7118 8383

Bathrooms at Source

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A while ago, one of the oldest family run bathroom companies in all of London approached us, at the time having a very traditional website, with a desire for a complete makeover of their brand and image. Since then, much has changed for us both, all of which is positive.

Naturally, as a web developer agency and web design agency – and an SEO company – our tasks were to develop their website and make it modern and up to date for this growing world. Based in Wandsworth, Bathrooms Source’s first issue was that they wanted a complete makeover of their brand and image. Our first task was to create a very nice and user friendly website for them, easy to use for any person and also easy on the eye. As this developed, we made efforts to really bring out the character of their brand and also in their website itself.

Through our skills as web designers and developers, using our years of experience in web design, website development, as an SEO agency and a content marketing agency, we were able to encapsulate the core of their business in their website, making it lush, eye catching, resonant with their customers both old and new and above all else, striking. We carefully examined their approach to business and the design of their products, and through this we feel we were able to make their website a successful encapsulation of what stands out about them as a company.

We have been working with Bathrooms Source for about six years now. Thanks to their own efforts and the help we have given to them they are now highly successful and, from what we already know, we have in these past six years delivered this level of success and growth in their business due to online marketing and search engine optimisation; and, finally, we have very recently developed an online shop for them consisting of about 9000 (Nine thousand) products.

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