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020 7118 8383

Big Cat Travel Insurance

UK Travel Insurance Company

Some of the website development we do for our clients at Trent & Hanover can be very complex and thus richly rewarding. A prime example is a lot of the work we did for Big Cat Travel Insurance, a travel insurance company based in London.

We had to make a website with highly complex calculations and write a very in depth and complex program for their business. This was to insure that when customers come online to the website, they can use the software in a simple way to calculate the price for any insurance they decide to apply for based on various factors, such as age, number of days spent traveling, the destination in question and what cover might be required.

It was extremely important for us, through our holistic approach to our clients: approaching them first and foremost as human beings rather than mere business partners or clientele, to create for Big Cat Travel Insurance a website both user friendly and mobile responsive and really characterise their brand in an already competitive market. Travel insurance companies are always competing with one another, and more than ever it is important thus for a company’s brand to really be strong and stand out. As experts in both branding and content marketing with years of experience in both and more, we used all our skills to make their website every one of these things: user friendly, responsive to smartphones, and with a real emphasis on their brand.

To conclude, their website has been functioning for about a year now, their business continues to grow and demonstrably, a lot of their customers are leaving positive reviews about their experience of using Big Cat Travel Insurance.

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