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5 Tips on How to Name Your Business

Introduction A particularly challenging task for any owner of a new business is reaching a suitable name for such an endeavour. How you name your company will make a huge first impression with your new customers; so making sure you get it right is massively important, even crucial! It may not be that difficult, however; [...]

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5 Ways to Build Brand Awareness Via Facebook Video

Introduction Perhaps unsurprisingly, developing a new brand on the net does involve a lot of video-based marketing these days. One of the most powerful ways to express what your brand is and represents online is through internet video, as has been the case since YouTube’s launch back in 2005. Due to the huge popularity of [...]

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5 Bad SEO Habits That Google Hates

Introduction In terms of how your website gets ranked on search engines, it’s interesting to be aware of the old saying “bad habits form from good intentions”; it’s perhaps the right time now to really question these habits and look hard at them: do they actually work or simply hold you back? From us at [...]

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Where is SEO headed?

Introduction The tactics used by a lot of search engine optimisers have been more or less continual since the year 2005. But things have changed; new methods are on the rise. A major SEO tactic back in the day was directory submission; now, the originator of this method (the Open Directory Project) isn’t even fully [...]

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How to perform basic competitor analysis?

Introduction One of the guiding principles to succeeding as an online business is to analyse your competition before you launch your website. It’s not exactly difficult to do online research with regards your competitors; for example, if you search for certain sentences or phrases, you’ll find exactly which companies are the highest ranking on Google [...]

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How to lower your site’s bounce rate

Introduction Look carefully at your website. Does it suffer from a 'high bounce rate'? This is a matter of real importance, for studies have shown consistently that most websites have a 30% to 50% bounce rate. And any bounce rate greater than 50% generally is an indication of poor UX (user experience) - something which [...]

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What is Off-Page SEO?

Introduction While you may be familiar with the basics of 'on-page SEO' - after all, every aspect of your site affects your ranking in search engines such as Google - your efforts around SEO don't merely begin or end with your own website. As a London Based SEO company, we at Trent & Hanover are [...]

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7 Tips to protect your WordPress site from Hackers

Introduction Since its release 14 years ago, WordPress has become the preferred CMS (Content Management System) across the web; it has been statistically shown to power more than 60 million websites. Not only is it free but it supports multiple user accounts and so many other features, from third-party plugins and themes to tagging and [...]

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7 Ways to increase conversions from Social Media

Introduction At one point, Search Engines were always the primary traffic generators to any given website. These days, you can also take advantage of Social Media and bring in more traffic to your site than every search engine combined together; furthermore, social media even allows you to generate more targeted traffic than search engines by [...]

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5 Tips for Creating Perfect Landing pages

Introduction What is a landing page? Put very simply, it is a page which anyone using the web will automatically end up arriving on when they either click on a 'call to action' link, or on an advertisement pointing towards a specific site; in short, they are specially dedicated pages that have been set up [...]

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