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020 7118 8383

Forever Cruises

Cruise company affiliated to Royal Caribbean

At Trent & Hanover, a detailed analysis and understanding of our clients’ needs and desires is extremely important to us. It is through this process, along with our holistic and personalised approach to our clients; getting to know them in person, developing understanding and finding commonality through a shared desire to greater achievement, that we are best able to help them and ourselves to become greater together.

A very good example is how we helped Forever Cruises develop their website to its fullest extent. In the beginning, they approached us with a desire to create a cruise holiday website. Given that the cruise holiday industry is already at an extremely competitive point, it is, perhaps, not always easy for a new business to compete. For this reason we had to work together with them in order to brainstorm and come up with some novel ideas which they could use to promote themselves. Chiefly amongst these was for visitors to have an extremely intuitive search engine available to them on Forever Cruises’ website, which would enable any such visitors/customers to search cruise holidays by destination and when in the year they would like to travel. As we designed their website for them, we also developed this search function. We also took the time to make their website look as good as possible in fitting with Forever Cruises’ vision, making it extremely eye catching and attractive in terms of visual imagery. Forever Cruises offer five hundred cruise holidays a month. For this reason they wanted a facility to quickly upload and download cruise holidays from their website; therefore, we used our expertise in IT to develop a piece of software which enabled them to do just that. This software not only uploads and downloads cruise holidays from their website automatically, but also self manages all of the information on their website.

We used our skills to develop the functionality of their website to make it mobile responsive, thus ensuring maximum customer draw. Finally, we created a database of all the customer inquiries in order to ensure that all such inquiries are properly managed and dealt with. This resulted in a massive difference to their customer revenue. We are hopeful that we will always, through self development of this kind: that is, helping various clients to develop their online presence, and through doing so also developing ourselves as part of the challenge of such work, be able to make a massive difference to businesses all over the country.

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