Trent Vora’s life to this point has been a series of extremes, from tragedy to triumph and everything in between. But through dedicating himself to finding his purpose in life he has become a highly successful businessman running his own web development agency for businesses all around London.

He was born in Mumbai in the July of 1978 into a family who showed him and his two older sisters great love and affection. This apparent stability was cut short when tragically, his parents died in a car accident they all experienced together on a holiday when he was 6 years old. Along with the psychological trauma of their passing, he and his sisters also suffered serious injuries in the incident which left lifelong scars.


Whilst this left him and his sisters with immense difficulties and depression, he was fortunate enough to inherit a significant sum of money from his parents’ estate and in his desire to experience a challenging and glorious social life, he used his new financial gain to travel around the world and live life on the truly wild side: the results of this took a significant psychological and physical toll on him.

From these actions, undoubtedly reckless if not difficult to understand, he ended up in heavy debt for some time. His best friend and said best friend’s girlfriend died inexplicably and suddenly at this same time also due to the tolls of living a similar lifestyle to the one Trent was then leading; this, combined with his debt, solitude, and other issues, was the culmination of his lowest point when he was in his mid 20s.

Choosing to change

Then one day, he decided to break the cycle and made a firm determination to actually be happy and to live his dreams, rather than going round in circles making the same mistakes time and again. From this moment on, his life began to shift considerably towards the positive.

Through learning how to truly open up his life to others and be comfortable being himself, Trent finally began to develop inner happiness, massively improved his relationships with his sisters, and at this point found the fortitude to start his own company, a lifelong dream of his.



Although he continued to have many financial difficulties when he first started working as Trent & Hanover, through painstaking hard work and dedication he kept going and eventually overcame all of these problems. He met his now wife in 2012 and they together have a young daughter, born in 2015, and together along with a couple of friends run their company together.

It was Trent’s desire to help other small businesses such as his own to also develop that led to Trent & Hanover’s central approach, which is based upon a dedication to the welfare and development of their clients above all other considerations. Over time, this has given his company an exceptionally good reputation for their qualities of honesty, integrity and dedication to a truly quality service for all their clients.


Although Trent has been through nearly every high and low imaginable in his life, it is these experiences which have given him the wisdom to now know the best way to live for himself and for others. Fundamentally, he believes (and knows, from his own experience) that anyone can be successful: it is just a matter of dedication, determination, focus and integrity.