At Trent & Hanover, we have been very fortunate with our clients in general. In particular we would like to highlight here the rewards Trent & his family have been lucky enough to receive as a result of strong dedication and focus on a particular client’s company and their development.

What we did

Trent & Hanover used their years of expertise at SEO, web design, content marketing and web development to iron out all the existing issues with Anchor’s website and make it a fantastic marketing tool for all of Anchor’s clientele. As it now stands the website is lushly detailed and perfectly but simply tells visitors all they need to know about the incredible seven day cruise offered.

We were extremely fortunate to be given this opportunity to so powerfully help a client; it really pushed us to do beyond our best and further hone and refresh our own skills as a web development agency.


To conclude, we are also immensely grateful to Anchor due to the fact that they, in their own gratitude for our assistance, gave Trent and his wife and young daughter a free ticket for a £1400 luxury room on the upcoming seven day Anchor summer cruise around the mediterranean. We could not have asked for a more pleasing gift of thanks.

About Anchored

Anchored, who run a luxury seven day cruise holiday around the mediterranean every summer for a significant but well worthwhile price, asked Trent & Hanover to assist them with the development of their main website. They needed fresh videos, detailed video editing, a photoshoot, and the literal development of the actual site, from ensuring it had strong SEO to making sure it was extremely well optimised for all smartphone brands, beautiful looking, richly detailed and, above all else, perfectly equipped to express everything which makes the holiday itself so worthwhile for people to go on – particularly young and well networked people living in the city.

What the cruise offers

First off, the cruise ship itself offers nearly every imaginable form of comfort and entertainment, from numerous acclaimed restaurant chains, swimming pools, luxury spas, hot tubs, cinemas, indoor sports grounds and the like to myriad nightclubs in which the party literally never ends (well, until the cruise is over anyway), and more…

Anchored have also hired some of the finest DJs across the globe to make the parties and clubs truly authentic, with some truly incredible spectacles and music offered. These include names as big as Patrick Topping, Steve Lawler, Andrea Oliva, Richy Ahmed, De La Swing, SecondCity, GW Harrison, Pete Zorba, Solardo, Will Taylor, and others.

Variety is key

Although the holiday might sound like a constant stream of over stimulated engagement from the outset, it is far more versatile than it may appear at face value. For example, the top deck of the ship hosts daily pool parties which are, of course, the epitome of mass social engagement. But if that doesn’t suit you, then you are free to spend time relaxing at the solarium pool – an infinitely more relaxed atmosphere – or if you fancy challenging yourself rather than (or as well as) chilling out or being socially engaged, then you can even participate in rock climbing on Anchor’s signature rock climbing wall. Theatre is also offered in the evening and the Casino is open 24/7. Beyond this they offer health classes, a fully equipped gym, a basketball court, a mini golf course, football pitches, and much more of this kind.


Although the prices are understandably steep, with the cheapest room (no bigger than a tiny cabin) going for no less than £1000 – not inclusive of everything else you can do aboard the ship – this is a holiday which no one who partakes in will ever forget. Offering stimulation of every kind, from the physical and emotional to the intellectual and spiritual, Anchor have pulled out every stop imaginable to make this holiday remarkable not just by the standards of a cruise, but by the standards of a holiday in general.