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020 7118 8383

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Himalaya Momo House

Nepalese Restaurant in Reading

When they came to us, one of the first things they informed us was that food photography was a key element of their business: they really needed excellent photographs of their cuisine. With our expertise in social media development, the knowledge of which informing us how important excellent photography is to success for businesses, we took detailed photos of their dishes, showcasing the quality and craft which goes into their work.

With our detailed approach to understanding on a personal level the needs of our clients, we also took the time to analyse their needs and then develop their social media for them. This has led to them now getting a lot of great reviews. To this day, we still work on developing and creating new things for their social media every week.

Moreover, another key element of their development has been software we took the time to develop personally for Himalaya Momo House’s business. This software enables their customers to book tables online and order delivery and collection online. Thanks to our expertise in software development, we were able to analyse their needs and develop this for them.

Finally, without overstating how much we may have helped Himalaya Momo House on their path to success, they won the business of the year awards in Reading in 2016, this victory being something we were surely a key element of due to how much we helped them to make their website special.

This is what we do: analyse the needs of our clientele and make their online presence stronger.

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