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Online marketing has become known as ‘the great equaliser’ because the internet has given small businesses the opportunity to compete at an equal level with far larger ones.  However, at Trent & Hanover, a London based SEO Company, we are very aware that a genuinely equal playing field can only exist if you implement the correct Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practices in a way which works together to form a whole online marketing strategy. From the beginning of online marketing, SEO has been a staple, hence why it is a term which gets thrown around frequently in these contexts.

We have expertise in developing the SEO of our clients’ websites, the result of which is that search engines such as Google can identify your website’s content and rank it.  As this ranking increases, so does the exposure your website has on said search engine results; which, naturally, then helps to boost web traffic. With all this in mind, the main issue facing all businesses regardless of size is implementing an effective SEO strategy.  For example, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that SEO is merely based upon the correct usage of keywords; but it’s so far beyond merely that.

Moreover, using SEO improperly could actually hamper your efforts to market your services.  All search engines come down hard on sites which use SEO improperly.  Keyword stuffing is but one example of this, something which you don’t ever want to emulate; you want to use SEO in the right way. And at Trent & Hanover, we have had years of experience developing the businesses of clients in and across London, which puts us in an ideal position to help you.

We have dedicated our time and efforts to helping small businesses grow in size and become highly successful, and a great deal of this is related to successful SEO strategies.  Here are three top services which can help you.

1. Growing your revenue online

At Trent & Hanover, one of the first things we do is perform thorough keyword research in order to identify the correct – and most targeted – keywords that are relevant to your business and will be highly competitive.  This, along with the process we undertake for you in which we will rank your website for these keywords, will result in a large increase in the flow and number of customers to your site.

2. A greater number of incoming leads

We will leverage the use of powerful content and strong backlinks, which naturally will allow you to attract more targeted leads to your site.

3. Provide monthly SEO progress reports

Finally, at Trent & Hanover we will boost your website ranking within only a few weeks through the implementation of a number of different SEO strategies and tactics; all with the end goal of causing your site to rise to the first page within a few months.

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We specialise in serving small and medium sized businesses and many of our clients have become our friends over the years. We take great pride in offering an honest, sincere and a bespoke service.


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