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020 7118 8383

Pan Chai London

Pan-Asian Restaurant

At Trent & Hanover, we know from experience that a full evaluation and understanding of our clients’ needs is necessary to really be able to assist them in the development of their business. This is the approach we take with all our clientele, as we have found that it is the best way to make a difference to their businesses. Pan Chai is a very good example.

A restaurant in Harrods based in High Street Kensington, they came to us because they wanted a very nice looking – slick, to be factual – website, which could offer two things to them as a business. First, it could reflect their brand, making it stronger for all purposes. Second, it would help to serve as a gateway to the sort of high network, well connected and often wealthy customers of Harrods. This element of slickness was so essential to the process of developing their business that we made it a top priority. To elaborate, it was so extremely important for the website to be slick that it had to be at a level where anyone who visited the website could tell immediately that it is top of the range, therefore demonstrating that Pan Chai is a highly classy and top of the range company.

We used our expertise in website development and web design to make their website as smart and gorgeous looking as possible, and from the reviews their business has since received we feel fairly confident that we did a good job! They and we agreed that another essential element for success was for their website to be mobile friendly. We used our abilities in this regard to make their site extremely accessible to smartphones, another aspect which has won them much praise. Finally, given that Pan Chai is a restaurant, what could best encapsulate their strengths. Strong imagery. It was extremely important to encapsulate the full pictures of their restaurant in a really nice and classy way, so we personally did some photography for them which we then retouched on photoshop to bring out the full beauty of the images. We took detailed photographs of their food which are now present on their website, thus showcasing the most important element of their restaurant.

To sum up, we can think of Pan Chai a perfect introduction to how we help restaurants to develop themselves: Through understanding their needs and getting to know the owners of a business personally, we are able to make truly informed decisions and then take appropriate action to help them with their development.

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