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SEO Company London

Search Engine Optimisation is a key part of drawing in new customers or consumers to the website of any business, most especially a growing and developing one.  Trent & Hanover have had experience as an SEO company for years, developing the search engine optimisation of the websites of numerous businesses we have helped over the years.  Google Organic Ranking is a specific aspect of SEO which is extremely important.  We will work to optimise your website in order to make sure its actual content matches up with the kind of search terminology generally used by the kind of people who would want to find it, which is what Organic Ranking is.  This makes your site more genuine and also stronger. We are so convinced of our abilities, we offer a 100% money back guarantee that you will see your rankings improve.

Local Search Results

Local Search Results are really important in helping new customers or consumers to see quickly some bits of information that summarise your business and give them basic knowledge of what you are all about.  We can develop the SEO of your website in such a way as to ensure Local Search Results are detailed but efficient in their usage of info, providing any new customers or consumers with the basic info they need to find your business in real life, and giving them some basic incentives to learn more.  Having good SEO is essential to this, and we will make it a top priority.

Local Citations

SEO means a lot of good things for your business.  Another of the many amongst these is having Local Citations, in which your business is mentioned on other websites and places on the internet.  Through developing your search engine optimisation painstakingly we can ensure that local citations are used in the most effective manner and increase your rank in local search results, tying them in to all other aspects of SEO.  Local citations are so important to any developing business, because your business name and address being mentioned on other webpages means that it starts to pick up traffic on Google and other search engines.


Backlinks are a really important element for ensuring your website picks up as much internet traffic as possible of the right kind.  If other sites are giving your website backlinks, what does this mean?  It means your business is growing in respect and influence.  It means you are important and provably so.  Through strong SEO, we can ensure that backlinks are used prominently in helping your site to increase its ranking, popularity and importance.  In terms of long term marketing, think about where you want your business to be in the near future and beyond; you definitely want other websites to be talking about your company and providing links to it.  We will ensure this happens.

Content Writing

The content of a website can often be the defining element in ensuring its customers/consumers return time and again, and in turn that they bring more potential customers and consumers with them. At Trent & Hanover, we pride ourselves on the extremely high levels of content writing we offer to all of our clientele.

Writing content for a website requires several things. First, the needs and wants of the client who owns the website must be clearly understood so as to ensure that the content writer can fulfil the task and hopefully excel at it. We take the needs and desires of all our clientele very seriously; thus we always make sure in advance that we have a clearly understood brief for the client’s website.

It also requires artistic ability. The writer cannot simply express things as facts; it is natural and correct for them to be able to showcase on behalf of the client what is needed, using all sorts of linguistic devices and a vast knowledge of language to be able to express everything the client’s website requires in a way which is certain to draw a larger and larger pool of customers/consumers. We have many years of experience using such language to help clients develop their businesses.

Finally, it requires dedication. Sometimes it is not easy to understand what a client needs; sometimes, the work must be painstakingly re-examined time and time again. But this is natural; it is, again, an extension of the content writer’s job. It is because, more than anything else, of just how closely we link ourselves to our clients and the connections we develop, that content writing for each client’s website is a process which needs re-examination on a regular basis. This process of consistent striving for greater results each time is what makes our approach so special.

Google Maps

Good SEO is also about making sure Google Map searches show the location of your business easily and clearly, making it easy for your customers and consumers to locate you in real life; and, furthermore, it enables you to make your presence even stronger.  If Google Maps shows where you are with good text and an interesting description of what you are about, any new potential customers will be all the more inclined to visit and get to know your business better.  We can make your search engine optimisation so strong that your company appears neatly and clearly on Google Map searches.