SEO is one of the key reasons our business has developed over the years.  This is both on account of our own self development, and in terms of how we use our expertise in this field to help our clients’ websites to have exceptionally good SEO.

Important and Mandatory

Why is it so important?  Moreover, why does it go beyond merely being important and actually become mandatory these days?

For one, having good Search Engine Optimisation for your website means that your website will rise in importance.  That alone is a key reason why it is important from the start; you need your website to rise in online rankings, you need it to reach the top of related searches, you need your website to be optimised correctly so that it becomes more relevant over time.

For two, think about this in really literal terms for a moment: would your website ever become anything worthwhile to a larger number of people without it rising to near the top of search results on online searches?  No.  That’s why good SEO is mandatory, not merely important.

Development and Visibility 

At Trent & Hanover, our main focus is always on the welfare and development of our clients concurrently with that of our own.  Our years of experience and expertise at helping our client base to develop their SEO has enabled us to really cultivate an understanding of how to best help them individually, because every website has to be tweaked and optimised correctly.  Think about the various things which SEO gives to your company: business viability, branding, web traffic, a high ROI, credibility, insight into the behaviour of your customers/consumers and partners, and what underpins all of this?  Visibility.  Your presence becomes so much more visible with good SEO than without due to all of the above things.

What does this all mean?

It means that you will get so much insight into what your customers are like, their main language, where they live, even how active they are and on what days and at what time…this is the beauty of how SEO works.  Because it generates traffic which is then tracked by analytical software (assuming you are using Google search, this will be Google Analytics), you will be able to gain so much data on all your customers that you’ll be amazed.


To conclude, let’s look quickly at what a good return on investment means for your business.  It means that marketing becomes automatic thanks to good SEO.  People will just be looking for something and then come across your business, be drawn to it by its ranking and how it’s near to the top of their search, and then can’t really help choosing to look at it.  When they do, they will see how good your website is, and then tell their friends, and so on.  It’s a subtle kind of marketing, whereby you don’t need to be shoving your product into their faces (which, indeed, you shouldn’t, as being too pushy is never a good business strategy) but it’s instead just there when you look up similar things.

So come to us.  We’ll not only help you with your SEO directly, we’ll also talk to you about it and explain everything about it in depth.