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020 7118 8383

Singapore Garden

Singapore & Malaysian Restaurant in London

We at Trent & Hanover always make efforts to be a holistic company, dedicated to the welfare and development of our clients’ restaurants. This has been very much the case for Singapore Garden, a business now developing very nicely from their two restaurants in Hampstead and Chiswick which specialises in Singaporean, Malaysian and Asian cuisine.

One of the key ways in which we helped them was by using our skills as a website development agency to create an online reservation system for their website. This has demonstrably helped them to become more efficient, saving time and energy for their customers.

Using our skills as an SEO company, which we have finely honed over the years, we also developed the search engine optimisation of Singapore Garden’s website.

This has increased website traffic for their site considerably. We also took the time to do food photography for them, showcasing the bright and vibrant colours in all of their luscious beauty; this undoubtedly has also made a big difference to their success.

They have now become a very busy and successful restaurant thanks, we are certain, in no small part to us. Customers leave them good reviews on a constant basis. We say this out of an awareness of what we can offer to these developing restaurants.

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