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Social Media for Restaurants London

At Trent & Hanover, what we always wish to do is help our client companies develop every aspect of their online presence. For this reason, we asked ourselves, just how does our unique approach best reflect in how we help restaurants to do this, along with another key element: social media strategy – and what makes us stand out?

One thing that always draws anyone to a restaurant is the presentation of the food offered. An eye catching and appetising menu is even more powerful online, where the draw for customers is glimpsing the dishes and then making up their minds about whether they will take the time to go in person and sample this food. With our unique skills at content marketing and our knowledge of web design and development, we can make any online presentation of a restaurant’s cuisine truly breathtaking in appearance and a showcase for how genuinely good their food is.

When it comes to social media strategy, this is now in the modern age an excellent way for any budding restaurant business to increase their online presence and develop more quickly. Instagram is a very popular app these days on almost all smartphones. Without our knowledge of using many social media platforms to help businesses develop, we have analysed every aspect of these platforms and how they can best be used to facilitate business growth.


If a lot of your customers use Instagram, for example, then we can show you how to incorporate this into your company’s business development strategy. These days it’s become especially popular in a similar manner to Facebook. The key thing with Instagram is to find a way to enable its users to discover photos of your restaurant’s cuisine through the app. We have enough expertise and knowledge with all IT related issues to do this for you as part of your social media strategy plan.


The same holds true of Facebook. Creating a presence for your restaurant on Facebook will enable its users – of which there are untold millions – to find your business very easily. Whether you have the knowledge or not, we do; we can do this for you.


Snapchat a good revealer of the human side of what happens in and around your business. If you stay well linked to snapchat, your business can grow by virtue of the human beings behind it and in front of it: your chefs and waiters, your customers’ reactions. This can be something your staff use, that is linked to your business, and equally that your customers use.


Tweets still hold an extraordinary amount of power depending on the number of them, how many people are reading them, how many are posting them and, most of all, who is writing them. If by pure chance; or, if you are truly fortunate, via a planned event – a famous man or woman visits your restaurant, imagine how much prestige that would give your business if they had a genuinely wonderful dinner thanks to you?

The general development of online presence is also of great importance for any modern restaurant business. Customer feedback is essential. We can provide an online feedback system easily using our skills at web development. If you maintain strong ties with your customers and keep your food to the strictest standards of hygiene and quality, you ensure good online feedback. Good online feedback leads to more customers.

Building an online community

Referring back to the earlier points about social media platforms, doesn’t every company need to be really interlinked with social media in general these days? There’s no faster way to guarantee increased success as a business than the right connections, because the right connections means more people – which equals more revenue. With a great deal of experience helping companies to develop their social media connections over the years and an exhaustive knowledge of the technology and processes involved, Trent & Hanover can help your business to make its social media one of its greatest strengths and also minimise any potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Through this, you can build you own online community. Make this a central focus of your business development strategy, and you will surely come to expand your income and grow your network of customers rapidly.