The answers to this are many and varied, but all fall within a singular main point which can be summarised in one word:


This isn’t an abstract thing; I am referring to the quality of being human and why this is so essential to any long term development of a client’s business through their primary website. Let’s think about it…

First off, it’s easy, so easy and tempting for anyone to arbitrarily decide: “Let’s just get a computer to create my website – it’ll cost nothing and be so simple!” This unfortunately negates an important question: “Will this simple, easy solution to my problem (of not having a website) actually serve my needs appropriately?”

At first, it might seem to do so with impunity. Costs are by the wayside; many websites offer computer generated content for free. There’s no need to worry about relying on someone to, essentially, be a partner in your business in any way. While a web development agency might seem more like an enabler than a partner, they can essentially become your partner without you even realising it. So any issues therein are removed without the human element. Rely on the machine, the machine does the work without complaint or costs, it always obeys your commands and it’ll never give you ideas – because it’s not intelligent enough!

So now let’s look at the other side of the equation. How can a computer generated website serve as a source of continual development for your business when it literally cannot develop on its own?

And that’s the issue. A web development agency has the human element, yes, and this can be troublesome and difficult. But it can also be immensely rewarding and is always, always an infinitely better option for anything and everything long term.

Proper web development agencies such as Trent & Hanover have years of experiences helping clientele to develop their websites. Through engagement with Trent & Hanover, many clients have demonstrably been able to keep the key websites for the businesses on an upward curve of development.

Human beings are, indeed, fallible. But the human element not only carries strength of character and will; it also has another factor within. Trust.