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Website Design and SEO Camden

Camden.  It’s a place of true variety, with an extremely strong music scene across many genres and pubs, bars, clubs and other businesses which serve these scenes extremely well.  What businesses may be struggling with – especially new ones – is the lack of a really strong online presence.

At Trent & Hanover, our purpose as a web development agency is just that: to help businesses grow through developing their websites.  Because we will take the time to get to know you as clients of our company, every facet and element of your business – in other words, what makes it unique and what you have to offer to your consumers/customers – will be analysed so that we can best help you to maximise your strengths and minimise your weaknesses.

So, let’s say you own a bar in Camden that needs a lot more regulars, but your online presence in social media isn’t very well developed and your website is buggy and needs something interesting to make it stand out.  You might need to highlight the kind of music you are geared towards, the beers and wines you serve, the events you host.  We will do all of that for you and make your bar an actual presence in real life by making its online element really powerful.  In this modern age where social media and the internet leads to most things people do in their lives, we can sort out that most important of things: your online presence – and make you a business stridently apart from the crowd.

But you don’t have to be a bar owner; you could own a club, a cafe, a restaurant with an unusual menu, or anything.  In any of these cases, we will still be able to help you develop your website.  Through our expert knowledge at web design we will make your website interesting and something which draws new fans/customers/consumers to you all the time.  We will get you really well connected with every social media outlet through which you can make new fans far more easily than without such an advantage.

Maximising traffic flow to your site will also be easy; with our skills as an SEO company, well honed after doing search engine optimisation for many different businesses over the years, we can make your website functional in such a way that new people are drawn to it frequently, with your business appearing at or near the top of searches easily.

As you are undoubtedly aware, branding is extremely important for every company which wants to stand apart from others; strong branding being key to any company’s success.  Once people know of your brand and share it on social media, there will be tweets and comments on Facebook all over the place about how amazing your bar/restaurant/club/pub is.  This is what you want and need.  We are experts at helping businesses develop their brand and make it incredibly strong.  We just need you to talk to us and work with us so that we understand your approach to your company, and we will do all of this for you.  This also makes conversion much more likely.

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    Our Area Guide to Camden

    Introduction to Camden

    Camden is a place synonymous with music above all else; from its many rock, punk and heavy metal themed bars, clubs and venues to the sheer number of shops and stools associated with various musical cultures and their own varying items and accessories, the chances are that if you ask most people what they think of when Camden is mentioned in a conversation, it will invariably revolve around music or various musical cultures and subcultures. But beyond that is a large and varied area of North London with many things to offer to everyone.

    History of Camden

    Camden was originally named after Charles Pratt, the first Earl of Camden, a rather radical politician and lawyer who acquired the manor through marriage. In 1791 he began granting leases for the building of houses in the manor of Kentish Town, the land of which is where Camden Town now stands. It is also worth noting that in 1816 the Regent’s Canal was built through the area. But it was only after the mid 20th that Camden Town stopped being seen as an unfashionable place. One of the most important elements of Camden is its markets; opened in 1973, Camden Markets are an attraction to visitors week in and out without exception on pretty much every and any day.

    Transportation in Camden

    Camden Town underground station is a frequently used station on the Northern line, about 15 minutes by train from Waterloo. Kentish Town and Chalk Farm stations are right nearby and only a bus ride or a fast walk away. Transport by bus is really easy to almost any part of London. Its close proximity to Islington makes travel to there a very simple matter.

    Going out in Camden

    Being out and about in Camden is very popular among Londoners and tourists from all over the world, with its universal musical cultures such as Rock, Punk, and Heavy Metal, as well as other cultures like Drum and Bass and Hip Hop. The World’s End pub, only a couple of minutes walk from the station, has one of the longest bars in the world, offers a massive selection of beers, and it is commonly used as a venue for bands of the rock and metal genres, whilst the Electric Ballroom is a club which hosts gothic, alternative, metal and punk nights on different times of the month and is certainly an experience to put it mildly. If you are looking more for bars with less of an obvious theme, try the Camden Eye (which serves wood-fired pizza!) or the Blues Kitchen, which offers Cajun food and live blues.

    Attractions in Camden

    Camden Market is the most obvious attraction in London, with its numerous shops and stalls offering mostly an alternative flavour based around subcultures such as Goth, Metal and Punk, but also very much offer interest to anyone of any kind who finds unusual and intriguing items a fascination. The Roundhouse, formerly a Victorian railway shed, is now a massive venue offering live music, alternative theatre and circus acts; definitely worth exploring if you want to experience new things! Proud Camden is a live music venue for eclectic events well worth exploring, while the Camden Arts Centre and the Jewish Museum are both worth checking out if you want to learn about art or history in a way unique to Camden, respectively.