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Website Design and SEO Clapham

Clapham is filled with differing businesses, from the many fancy restaurants to numerous pubs, salons, various kinds of agencies, property developers, etc.  But the one thing that stands out about it is the sheer variety of businesses present in the area.  Amongst those, many need extra help to lift them to reaching the next level of success.

At Trent & Hanover, we are all about the personal connections we share.  We are also a highly ethical company and pride ourselves on our strong standards of behaviour and good treatment of all our clientele.  You have probably realised that a good website is really essential to any developing business – which is why you should come to us.

Our people centred approach also enables us to intimately understand your business needs.  No matter if your company has been around for ages or is struggling merely to establish itself; we will make the effort to see every angle you’re coming from through developing a friendship and a real connection.

If you look at some especially well regarded (by a majority of customers) businesses in Clapham, such as the Valentina restaurant and shop or the Draft House Northcote pub, or Bodean’s, you will notice that their websites are very well developed.  It’s so important for companies these days to pay attention to the quality of the content of their website and how well linked it is to social media; and we will assist you with support and advice in both of those areas.

Moreover, in and across Clapham branding is especially important; just look at the massive banks, well established pubs, nightclubs, cafes and restaurants.  We understand branding extremely well.  Having a really strong brand will give your business a true edge that makes it stand out amongst all the others.  In a place as competitive as Clapham with so many different businesses, this is especially important!  From the nightlife to the bars to betting clubs, every business without exception needs an edge of some kind to make it unique.  A brand specific to what your company represents is the most ideal way to give it this advantage.

An eye catching website will make your snazzy business even more interesting; whether you want it filled with bright or dark colours, unusual or more subtle visuals and images, or whatever suits your business – at Trent & Hanover we will analyse your needs thoroughly in order to best understand exactly the right approach to take, and then do the work designing your website for you – after running it past you of course.

The next steps are to use our skills as an SEO company and at social media development to ensure the flow of traffic to your website increases over time.  Search engine optimisation is crucial: you need to appear at or near the top of searches for businesses of your type whenever people are looking for new things to do or find in Clapham.  We will make your website functional in such a way that these aspects of it are really well honed and bug free, as well as ensuring you are connected through as many social media outlets as possible; as your consumers/customers learn to love what they can get from your business they will inevitably share this on social media, and keeping you well linked in with such things is something we can do for you.

So when new people regularly call you through your contact us page (which we will tweak to make it as perfect as possible), you’ll know that this process is working!

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    Our Area Guide to Clapham

    Introduction to Clapham

    Clapham is a vast place, from Clapham Junction to Clapham Common to Clapham High Street and Clapham North and South. But it offers something to everyone, from clubs and bars to restaurants and pubs, to an arthouse cinema in the Clapham Picturehouse and Clapham Common itself, a wonderful park by any standards with the oldest bandstand in London.

    History of Clapham

    Clapham has a rich and varied history. Clapham High Street in the present day is actually an ancient diversion of the Roman military road Stane Street, which used to run from London to Chichester. Another milestone in its history is when in A.D. 965, King Elgar of England gave a grant of land at Clapham to the son of the Duke of Lorraine, Jonas, who was then known from that time on as “Jonas of Clapham”. In the Domesday Book, Clapham appears as “Clopeham”. By the late 17th century, large country houses were being built in the area, and Clapham was favoured by the wealthier merchant classes in the next two hundred years after, who then took it further and built even bigger houses in and around Clapham Common and the Old Town in particular. It fell from favour with the upper classes by the turn of the 20th century and also became around this time a suburb for commuters travelling into the centre of London.

    Transportation in Clapham

    Travelling in and around Clapham is very easy, as like most of London its rail stations are very well connected. From Clapham Junction station travelling into or out of London and around is simple and expansive, with trains running to Egham, Guildford, Surbiton, Battersea, Putney, and many other locations. Clapham North and South and Clapham Common all having stations on the Northern line, allowing for easy transport into central London or well beyond, or in the other direction to Morden. Tooting is a mere bus ride away from Clapham Junction right near the station, as is almost every part of central London.

    Going out in Clapham

    The area offers a great many pubs and bars, not to mention some fabulous restaurants at many prices, from the expensive to the quite reasonable. Valentina Fine Foods is an excellent restaurant, reasonably priced but offering a fantastic service and well crafted Italian cuisine, as well as a shop within the premises. There is no shortage of fast food places by the station if you are looking for such things; but on a nicer note, the Junction, the Slug and Lettuce and the Falcon are all good pubs right near Clapham Junction rail station. Beyond this, Bodean’s BBQ on Clapham High Street is an unusual Kansas style barbecue restaurant offering American food at good prices, with a fascinating ambience based around their meat products. Moreover, if you like the idea of a rustic and quirky wine bar, WC Wine and Charcuterie is an excellent bar easy to find on the south side of Clapham Common.

    Attractions in Clapham

    Clapham Common is the most obvious attraction in the area, with the oldest bandstand in London and plenty of open spaces to explore. If you’re in the mood for something more unusual, Clapham Picturehouse is an Arthouse cinema and cafe-bar right next to Clapham Common station, showing not only current films but also classic and cult ones; an independent arthouse cinema, it is an interesting place to take your family or friends, as it stands outside of the norm and is an example of what lies beneath Clapham’s ordinary seeming surface.