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Website Design and SEO Essex

Essex has in recent times become, by most objective standards, a place associated with innovative services and businesses.  From the many firms associated with mechanical engineering, metalworking and glassmaking and plastics, to the Adventure Island theme park in Southend-on-sea, the county has a variety of different associated companies.  But in this modern world, how do you really establish your presence if you are a growing new business?

You have a strong presence online, naturally.  And the first step to doing that is to have a really good website; something not merely average but exceptional, something which makes your business stand out when the moment comes in which someone interested in a service like yours decides to type some words into Google or whatever search engine they use, and a list of websites comes up.  A strong name, a single line which sums up why your business is special, what sets it apart from others.  Of course, you’ll need your site to have strong search engine optimisation for that, plus a neatly designed home page, many other interesting pages on your website, excellent attention to detail and high functionality.

At Trent & Hanover, we can do all of this for you.  As an experienced SEO company, freelance website designer company, and wordpress development company, we also have a highly unusual approach to working with all our clients which you will hugely benefit from.  This is based around the principle of close connections with all of our clientele.  We will actually make the effort to get to know you personally (and any potential staff you may have), and tailor our  approach to helping you with your business specifically to you as people and in line exactly with your business needs.

You will be looking for a freelance website designer; someone who will take the time to actually understand what you are specifically offering, who will increase the flow of online traffic to your site, make your website free of bugs and fully functional, give it excellent search engine optimisation to draw consumers to your site, and provide it with a beautiful and intriguing design to keep them there.  These are all things we have much expertise in.

The main cities of Essex are home to a variety of businesses.  If you are an electronic company such as Printech Circuit Laboratories in Chelmsford, then you will need a site which showcases your skills as an electronics business.  What if you are trying to make it as a cafe, such as The English Cream Tea Company did (also in Chelmsford), then you still need something beautiful to attract consumers to your site; eye catching visuals would be ideal for that kind of business.  In either case, we can help.

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