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020 7118 8383

Website Design and SEO for Beauty Salons, Nail Salons in London

Are you a beauty salon owner looking to market your services online?

It can be a tricky thing, getting the right balance in online marketing.  But that’s how we started at Trent & Hanover: helping small businesses to grow through dedication and a genuine interest in the clients themselves.

There are many aspects to a good beauty salon or nail salon, to be sure; from making your products appealing through demonstrating their appeal in well defined images, to the combination of well placed words with other images to showcase what you literally offer to people through your services.

We are experts at website design.  Moreover, the nature of our business is to develop a rich and lasting human connection with all of our clients, which means we will take the time to get to know you and deeply understand all of your needs and desires for your business; including, naturally, the exact kind of design aesthetic you are looking for on your website, and also making your services most accessible and marketable to your customers.

For example, if you want your customers to be able to book online appointments with you in order to increase business, we can develop the functionality of your website in such a way as to make it very appealing for customers to do this.  If you feel an online payment scheme would increase business sales, we can design this aspect of your site in a manner that draws your customers to pay online more frequently; or, perhaps, encourages them to pay online (E.G. in advance of a treatment or appointment) rather than in person.  Our expertise at branding and design makes it easy for us to help you develop such things for your website.

We at Trent & Hanover also have a great deal of experience as a successful SEO company; we have helped all of our clients without exception to greatly increase their website’s traffic flow and quickly rise to the top of any google search.  There are many more people than ever before now looking to discover a good beauty salon or nail salon – such as yours – online, and we will optimise your website to maximise online traffic.  When someone wants to find the best beauty salon or nail salon near to them (or otherwise) and looks up such things, you will be one of the first places they shall find.

Your brand, of course, is also of the utmost importance to you.  At Trent & Hanover, it is precisely because we have such a personal relationship with all our clients that we can really understand exactly how to best help you with branding.  We shall take the time to really ‘get’ what you are and perceive through this the best way to help you successfully use branding to make your business even stronger.

Last but by no means least, exactly how appealing is it for a customer to pick up the phone after reading a website?  For many websites it isn’t often enough; from a lack of well thought out design to poorly worded marketing language, it’s all too easy to just slap down your company’s number under a nifty ‘contact us’ page and assume people will call it after just breezing through your website.  Thankfully, Trent & Hanover have plenty of experience in making conversion very strong: through understanding your business intimately, we can tailor your website to give it that extra edge of appeal which will make the first person who browses your site actually want to become your first customer.

Simply provide us with photos, price and staff lists, etc, and we will handle all of the content: from your brand to the colours, textures and style which not only suits you best, but also makes your products and services the most appealing to your own customers.