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020 7118 8383

Website Design and SEO for Cruise Holiday Companies London

Any good cruise company these days needs a very strong website to increase its base of customers and attract new ones.  But what it needs are some strong expressions of what makes the company special.

At Trent & Hanover, we believe in the power of developing companies to make change: for us to help a budding business grow is extremely rewarding.  Our expertise in web design means we can easily help you to make your website really appealing to everyone, which will rapidly grow your base of customers – if – and this is crucial – you have some really strong online elements such as videos.

An online video is a brilliant way to showcase how amazing your company is.  If you have already created one or more videos, you need only send them to us and we will develop your website to include a page where your videos are available for customer viewing; or we can design your site so that your best video automatically plays when customers go to your website’s home page.

Alternatively, if you don’t have any videos, we can help you with the entire process from start to finish.

Online booking is of course a key factor in increasing revenues for your company.  We will create a booking system for your website that is easy to use and which thanks to us will have fully developed functionality.  Customers old and new alike at the click of a button will be able to book holidays with your company and also pay online.  If they can’t speak on the phone, having a really well developed and bug free booking system will make a huge difference.

And let’s just say you want your customers to be able to search your holidays by destination and price separately.  Destinations are obviously essential, as everyone wants to have a wide choice as to where they take their holiday; and for those of your customers who are very wealth conscious, whether rich or not, being able to search your holidays by price is without any doubt a massive bonus.  Using our knowledge and experience of having designed websites for many clients over the years, we will create a search function that enables customers to do just this.