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Website Design and SEO for Restaurants London

It can be a difficult thing, marketing your restaurant to make it appealing to all your customers.  One of the crucial factors in virtually any business nowadays without exception is its website.  There are ways in which you can use the advantage of having a website to make your business more successful; we at Trent & Hanover can help you to do just that.

For example, imagine if you have a large customer base, but many of them are unable to obtain seats on a regular basis in your restaurant because you don’t have a properly developed reservation system either over the phone or online.  Our expertise in web design – and our highly personalised, close connection with our clients – you – means that not only can we create a really appealing  online reservation system for your website, but we can also tailor it specifically to your needs based on an intimate understanding of your company.

Moreover, the number of customers using your reservation system will lead to yet more customers as word of mouth spreads about the quality of your restaurant and your specially designed online booking system we will create for you; this in turn will increase the flow of online traffic to your website.  As an SEO company, we will also use our knowledge of search engine optimisation processes to help you attract even more customers to your business, going hand in hand with all of the advantages of your website such as the booking system.

Now let’s say your customers want to find your location on a map quickly and easily.  Using our knowledge of IT technology and web design, we can optimise your website to make it link with any map system without issues.  You don’t need to worry about how to make it work so that anyone can find your restaurant on any online map such as Google maps – we’ll handle that.

How about an online menu?  With our expertise in branding and knowledge of how best to organise information on websites, you simply need to provide us with some basic information on the food and drinks offered at your restaurant – perhaps a list – and we will organise the info and make it appealing to the eye for your customers, drawing them to visit your restaurant, or maybe use the online and telephone based delivery system we will also create for you.

This will not only draw your regular base of fans to engage with your business a lot more, but also create many new fans through the way we will organise the images and info you provide us with to make your products even more appealing.  When they see they can order one of your best dishes in a take away format thanks to our design, they will be drawn to it in even greater numbers.   When your brand grows bigger, more traffic is attracted, more customers are made; on and on to greater success!

Finally, if need be, we’ll design an online payment system for your restaurant’s website which is easy for your customers to use – and for newcomers who just found your site, too – thus making it really easy to attract new customers and grow your business, since no one will need to venture to your restaurant in person to begin dining there from online deliveries!  And for your eyes only, we’ll use our knowledge of web design to create a customer database so you can keep track of all your regulars and any new fans.