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Website Design and SEO London

London can objectively be called one of the most diverse cities in the world.  With this in mind, it’s no wonder that it can seem daunting for a new business struggling to establish itself amongst so many others.  That’s what Trent & Hanover are all about: helping businesses to become stronger through developing their online presence.

The diversity of London can be seen clearly in the diverse kinds of businesses across the city, from bars and nightclubs to alternative clubs, from small time pubs to gastropubs and restaurants of every type of cuisine you can imagine, from small law firms to massive ones, from low key financial institutions to the largest banks – London has it all.  So, when looking across the whole scope and spectrum of the city, it’s perfectly natural to feel daunted at times.  But that’s why you should come to us, because we will help you with establishing one of the most important elements of any successful business these days: a really good website for your company and subsequent online links and increased numbers of customers/revenue through social media outlets.

In a huge place like London, any business needs a really strong brand.  Look at the number of people who will flock to McDonald’s even though they know it isn’t healthy, the prevalence of certain banks, cafes like Costa or Starbucks, even down to smaller brands like specific beers or wines; branding is essential to success.  With many years of experience helping businesses big and small to develop their brands, we can help you to develop a really solid brand, one that lets everyone know what you are about, which intrigues them and gives them the incentive to keep coming back to your business again and again; and share it with their friends.  On this note, we can develop your social media connections to a high level as well, increasing online traffic considerably and thus growing your business.

Without a really good website with really well tweaked technical aspects, though, none of these things will matter.  Your website itself, from the design to the functionality, is crucial.  We will handle both of these elements.  Our expertise in both areas and years working as an SEO company mean that, through our unique personalised approach to our clients such as you, we can understand exactly what you are all about and tailor our approach specifically to your business.  If you are a restaurant which needs to look incredible before your customers even enter it, what better way than to have some fantastic text and images on your website to drawn new customers in?  If you are a finance company, you’ll want to emphasise what makes your company unique.  And so on.  We’ll help you to finely hone all of these things to the point where all of your strengths are played to.

With good search engine optimisation your business will flourish, appearing near the top of searches every time.  With a beautiful website, your business’s best points will be obvious to every person who visits it.  With everything mentioned here, conversions will be frequent and your company will grow!

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    Our Area Guide to London

    Introduction to London

    London is known to some people as the greatest city in the world. Whilst that may be subjective, what is not subjective is just how varied and dynamic a place London is; as a whole it offers nearly anything to anyone and everything to everyone, but whether you find it or not depends on how far and hard you look and how dedicated you are to making the most out of visiting the city.

    History of London

    London was actually founded way back in A.D. 43 by the Roman Empire as Londinium. At its height back in the 2nd century it had a population of about 60,000 people. For the next few hundred years after it varied; becoming a major port by 680, but falling back in development due to repeated Viking invasions. Finally, Alfred the Great re-founded London in 886 A.D, after which it grew steadily until it become the largest town in England by the 11th century. London has since continued to develop, growing larger and larger over the centuries until it was the world’s largest city between 1831 and 1925. Its demographics have shifted over the years, but as a whole the main change in the city’s history over the last hundred years would be the sheer upheaval of the world itself in relation. From the movements of people, changing demography and developing cultures and subcultures of every kind; particularly cultural and artistic ones, London has become one of the most important cities in the world. Many of its most enduring attractions are hundreds of years old.

    Transportation in London

    London’s transport network is extremely well linked; travelling from any part of the city to another or to other cities and other countries is all possible and developed in such a way as to make these journeys as easy as possible.

    Going out in London

    There are so many places to go in London as a whole; you’ll find it hard to choose, but not impossible if you make the focus narrower. From world famous cinemas such as the Empire Cinema, the Prince Charles Cinema and the Electric Cinema, not to mention the BFI Imax; to bars such as the Artesian Bar, a cocktail bar with 50 kinds of rum, the Nightjar, a subterranean bar and nightclub with live jazz and blues, the London Cocktail Club, the Purl London; all of these places, offering numerous kinds of decor, attracting different customers and kinds of clientele, providing differing beverages, etc…these are just some examples amongst so many others. If you want the finest pubs you’ll see anywhere, try the Jerusalem Tavern in Britton Street, The Harp in Chandos Place, or the Cask Pub & Kitchen in Charlwood Street, all of which serve incredible craft beers and excellent food.

    Attractions in London

    From the London Eye to the British Museum, you’ll find no shortage of interesting things to do in London. All year round adults and children alike find much to enjoy and learn at the Natural History and Science Museums, with their vast size and numerous intriguing interiors, containing a wealth of information presented in an enjoyable space. The V&A is one to go for if you find art fascinating. That most of these are free of charge is a bonus. And don’t forget the Shard – the tallest building in London, it is expensive but worth the money to experience such a wonderful view.