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Website Design and SEO Richmond

When it comes to business in Richmond, it’s a place filled with images that would likely make you think more of beauty than commerce, from the many classy restaurants to the attractive cafes and all of the nice pubs along the waterfront.  But as a business owner in Richmond, you know that behind all the attractive qualities of the area are a lot of companies keeping things running and increasing revenue, some of which may be struggling.

Let’s say you’re in the process of trying to grow your business.  What you really need is a strong website, all levels of which – your brand, the design of the site, the amount of traffic you get, how connected you are to social media, etc – will serve to make your company as appealing to your consumers/customers as possible.  We at Trent & Hanover are a web development agency who can help you with every one of these things without exception, and more.

We pride ourselves on our ethical standards and our unique, personalised approach to dealing with all of our clients, whereby we take the time to actually meet you directly and form a connection with you as people, rather than merely business partners.  It’s this – the friendship and support you will receive for asking for our help – that is most important to us.  It’ll be of great value to you as well, because it will enable us to ascertain exactly what your needs from us are as a web development agency.

You’re quite aware, no doubt, of how many large brands operate in Richmond.  With our years of experience in helping companies with their branding, we can make your business into a brand worth a great deal, something influential that your consumers/customers are drawn to when they see it (as are new ones by word of mouth and your website).

In terms of actual website design, we have developed many different companies’ websites over the years to a very high standard of quality which we guarantee you will not be disappointed by; it is precisely because we will take the time to get to know you that we will understand your needs well enough to design your website in such a way that fits perfectly with your personal idiom as a business.  Your site will be attractive and have enough of a unique look and feel that conversion will also happen very swiftly with most new people who visit; making it interesting and powerful enough to draw anyone who is intrigued by what they see to want to call your company’s number almost right away!

And last but no means least, you need your business to come up quickly in any online search for similar companies.  We at Trent & Hanover are also a highly skilled SEO company.  We will make the functionality of your website extremely strong in order to increase the flow of online traffic and search engine optimisation to a very high level, leading to a daily increase in the number of visitors to your site.

And when you enter into a business contract with us, we will, in addition to all of these levels of development, also do regular maintenance on your website to keep it to this standard and manage it.

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    Our Area Guide to Richmond

    Introduction to Richmond

    Richmond has long been associated with scenery and wealth. From its many classy pubs and restaurants around and along the river and the bridge, to Richmond Park itself and Richmond Green, to many terraced Victorian houses within the area near Kew to all of its general associations, it is a place always worth exploring and travelling to.

    History of Richmond

    What we now call Richmond was formerly part of a place known as Shene, depicted on the associated maps of the Domesday Book as Sceon, which is the Saxon spelling of the former. The town of Richmond then developed and took the same name as the palace nearby that then existed: Richmond Palace, built by Henry VII. Beyond the palace grounds, Richmond remained mostly consisting of agricultural land until the late 18th century. The beautiful bridge which now leads into St. Margarets, Richmond Bridge, finished completion in 1877; in the first and second world wars a lot of young residents died. If you go to the end of Whittaker Avenue, you will see a stone memorial which was placed there in the 1920s; it is a column perched on top of which is an orb, stood on a double plinth.

    Transportation in Richmond

    Richmond is exceptionally well connected, with its main train station offering no less than three main lines: for the London underground, it offers the district line and is only a 15 minute train journey or less to Hammersmith. It’s a very easy way to get to central London, as it also goes to Edgware Road or Upminster, making travel to either High Street or South Kensington very simple and direct. The London Overground offers transport all the way to Stratford, whilst the south west trains service allows for a fast train straight to Clapham Junction as well as trains into Waterloo, or in the opposite direction all the way out to Egham and beyond. By car it is an easy journey to central London too; by bus, you can get to Hammersmith, Fulham, Clapham Junction, Barnes, and other areas.

    Going out in Richmond

    Richmond is more than equipped to deal with all of your needs for food and drink. The Pig’s Ear Beer Cellar is a wonderful pub near to Wagamama’s which offers craft beers of every kind, both on tap and by the bottle, and also top quality stone baked thin crust pizzas. The Orange Tree, a gastropub right near Richmond Station, offers excellent food and wine and some fine beers including Young’s London Stout; gets rather busy around the time of sport events but is otherwise a nice venue. On the same side of the road you can find wonderful restaurants, including Carluccio’s, the Thai Square and Bacco Ristorante Italiano. Further down towards Ham you can also find the Old Ship, a more old fashioned kind of pub which nevertheless offers good beers and food.

    Attractions in Richmond

    Richmond Park is the most famous attraction in the area without any doubt, stretching for 2,500 acres and offering cafes, historical buildings, intriguing wildlife and vast open spaces with breathtaking views. Ham House is another place well worth visiting if you’re in Richmond, a huge 17th century stately home; tours are not cheap but are well worth the money if you like exploring old buildings and learning about their history. And Kew Palace, situated right within the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew itself, is definitely a trip you want to take if you are spending a day at the Gardens.