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Website Design and SEO Surrey

Surrey, a large county covering six hundred and forty two square miles, it’s a place synonymous in many minds with how closely it borders London.  If you own a business here, then you likely know just how varied a place it can be.  From hugely important companies such as Reach Holdings Limited in Woking – which specialise in software enabled sales marketing – to numerous beautiful hotels, such as the Nutfield Priory Hotel & Spa in Redhill to the Woodlands Park hotel in Cobham, smaller Air BNBs and so many restaurants and pubs, plus its many market towns, ancient buildings like Farnham and Windsor Castles, some beautiful rural scenery – from hills to valleys and vast fields of green grass, wide open skies and forests.  A varied mix of rural and urban and many different people equals high aspirations.

With that in mind, if you’re looking for a freelance website designer to help you establish a really strong online presence for your business in Surrey, at Trent & Hanover Website Design and SEO Company we will most certainly be able to help you in your endeavours.

The main cities of Surrey are home to a variety of businesses, from the theatres and restaurants of Guildford to the numerous retail shops of Kingston upon Thames, including the massive Bentalls Centre.  A central element of most business in Surrey is how easy it is to travel from most of its towns to London; as a business owner, you need your website design to be clear on such things, able to express the close links between Surrey’s main cities and towns and Central London businesses.  As a highly experienced SEO company, we can use search engine optimisation to make your website really well linked to on the net, coming up frequently at the top rankings – be you a restaurant or cafe owner, the owner of a developing retail company, a small financial institution, etc.

WordPress development is very important and useful as tool for anyone looking to really make their website both functional and eye catching. We are experts at this and have helped many developing businesses to grow using our unique approach to website design and online marketing; our personal ethos is that we make the time to get to know all of our clientele .  That way, through developing a personal connection with you and your colleagues, we can analyse the inns and outs of your business – be it as far out of London as Guildford, or much closer like Kingston; and then facilitate the development of your own business by designing your company’s website for you, giving it good search engine optimisation, developing the functionality of your site and thus increasing online traffic, up to and even including helping you to develop your online presence through social media and networking with other businesses and key influencers.

Surrey’s wealthy residents, close links to the central hubs of London and economic viability all contribute to make it a place where having a really strong website is crucial to success in this day and age.  When you look at the rolling hills of the Epsom downs, or the many differing businesses in all of its towns, from Epsom’s Guitar Guitar (the largest guitar store in all of the UK) to Redhill’s Aquila Group, a highly successful life and pensions software business, it becomes an indisputable fact that Surrey has just a huge amount of potential business to offer not only its own residents, but areas far beyond.  And none of these companies would have done so well without the strength of their websites.  A website is often the first thing a consumer will find these days before venturing to the actual location of your company. So, if you are a Surrey based business willing to develop, or simply need a hand up in making your website more powerful, come to us.  We won’t disappoint you.

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