Well, for one, backlinks are the biggest way for people on other websites to find your own, because that’s exactly what they are: links directly to your website from another place on the internet. It’s not complex, but it matters a lot, because a link is important; it lends a great deal of weight to your business if it is backlinked to in the right location, the right people will click on it, and what does this mean? The right customers for your business.

How backlinks relate to SEO

It’s extremely important to be aware that search engines do – always – consider the quality of backlinks when they are ranking and/or indexing a website. This without any doubt will make so much difference to your business and can impact hugely on how successful you are. For example, imagine a website that is really popular and relevant to whatever keyword is being searched, and let’s say it’s also considered by a large number of people to be trustworthy, honest, reliable, and so on. Let’s now say that your website is given a backlink on this site. What then happens? Your site gets new visitors!

Because we at Trent & Hanover have helped our customers to improve their SEO over the years and gained much expertise in the area, we can not only help you develop your SEO for your website, we can also ensure you get plenty of backlinks by encouraging our other clients and contacts to provide backlinks to your website.

Further information

Because backlinks are direct links to your website, you want to ensure that anyone who clicks on them has a memorable experience. So, you need to ensure that your site is developed to the utmost and keep on developing it. Easy to navigate pages, plenty of relevant keywords and content present, etc. The last thing you want is to be given an opportunity to gain new customers and contacts and then for them to be disappointed by your website!

Other dangers would be, for example, when links are added to pages which have no relevance to your website. It’s really important to be aware of this. You may not be able to prevent everything, but just be wary.

It’s also important for the link text to be a relevant keyword. Having a strong keyword in the link text to your site is potentially essential, as keywords make a massive difference in Google rankings. Keywords in links to your site should be descriptive, relevant and strong.


Never underestimate the importance of backlinks. A backlink in the correct place could attract exactly what you need to make your business shine and growth dramatically. And at Trent & Hanover, we are happy to give you all the advice, support and help you need to ensure you get the best backlinks for your company.