In the most straightforward terms, a local citation is any place where your business is mentioned on another part of the internet, be it a different website or anything else. Their importance cannot be overstated, however, as they are one of the most important factors in ensuring you rank highly in local search results.

Other places your company might be mentioned is in a business directory, which will always be an explicit mention of your company name. Keep in mind that a local citation does not have to include any link to your website. Furthermore, it’s where your company is referenced or cited or spoken about on other websites, so it’s rather important for those reasons too. The more your business is mentioned in a good light in more different locations across the internet, the better it is for raising awareness of what you are doing.

Google citations are perhaps unusually important because of the number of people who use Google maps, amongst other things such as back links, which come from the same process of increasing your Google ranking from good SEO.

How we can help

At Trent & Hanover, due to our expertise working for years as an SEO development agency, we have a great deal of experience helping our clients to do better with local citations. We can develop your social media to the point that you have enough connections for other potential clients of yours – not ours – to want to mention you on their websites. This will then lead to more mentions, and so on.

One of the most important things about local citations is that they help to rank your Google+ Local map listing, because they are genuine legitimate sources of info which give your business a real credibility. We at Trent & Hanover always believe credibility and honesty are extremely important, and we are passionate about helping our clients to make their businesses not only bigger, but also more credible. Google needs to see that your business is genuine and that the information you provide about it is accurate. By getting more local citations, you will without any doubt increase your rankings.


Another thing is that Google finding information on your company on other local websites and citations directories means they are more likely to display your business when a person does a Google search for specific types of products. You will need to ensure that you have a Google+ Local Business Page set up properly and fully optimised.

To sum up, the more relevant links you have, the more likely it is for the ranking of your business to increase further and further. This is why local citations are so important and essential to the expansion of your business beyond something small and local into a far greater world, more complex but definitely worthwhile; and it applies across the board to so many kinds of citations, from General business directories to industry or niche specific ones, to press websites and local newspapers, to social profiles, prominent local website related to whatever niche your business fills, and even local themed blogs.