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Whiteboard Animation Video London

One of the interesting things at Trent & Hanover is that we don’t always know what to expect from our clients’ requests. Sometimes, we have to use all of our creative skills to improvise and really make a difference to another business.

For example, instead of using a typically styled HD video involving people to showcase why a particular business’s approach is special, we have sometimes tried other approaches; notably, animation.

Not too long ago, we created a Whiteboard Animation Video for Burgess Bathrooms in which we carefully and humourously expressed exactly what sets their approach as a business apart from similar companies, using the casual and cheerful tone which often applies to animation in general in order to show their customers (and potentially lure new ones to the fold) why their approach is so strong and unique. This kind of video is also known as Doodle Video, and is based around hand-drawn cartoon animations with a professional, synchronised voiceover. 

Naturally, in order to do all of this we created a series of images and prepared an effective voiceover. To this end, we also did storyboarding for this video before fully creating it, using storyboards to show Burgess Bathrooms the general vibe and look of our animated video for them before finalising it. This process enables us to run our animation videos past our clients to be certain they are happy with the general execution of the concepts in said videos.

Video scribing, another term for whiteboard animation in general, is becoming more relevant these days as a slightly different means by which a business can showcase a video without the need for human actors or other concerns.

Because video scribing also lends itself well to expressing gentle humour amidst serious situations, and tends to make people feel more casual about whatever is being described or discussed in the video, whiteboard animation has many advantages when used to create videos for budding businesses which need fresh, unusual ways of expressing their concepts.

We also created a similar whiteboard animation video for Skinners Design, which also used a lighter, more casual approach than many live videos and has a similar effect for this reason.

Whiteboard Animation Videos in London are becoming ever more popular in the modern world. They provide interesting, usually more light hearted and very effective new ways to express concepts and ideas to a potential customer on a website, and we are very pleased with the work we did for both companies using video scribing.

Please check out the links provided below, and observe for yourself firsthand just how effective video scribing can be.