Why are small businesses so important? It’s something we at Trent & Hanover are very aware of, given our entire business idiom is focused on helping small businesses to develop themselves and take great pride in this.

There are many reasons, but inevitably one of the biggest is because small businesses are – invariably – able to offer a more personalised and better quality service than large ones. This is not to say large businesses do not create any value; all it comes down to is looking at the facts of how things tend to operate.

Small vs Large Businesses

For example, a small business, with less overhead costs and less convoluted complexity in its approach than a larger one could have, will be able to offer a far more personalised and thus higher quality service to a client than a larger one. This is one of the reasons why we at Trent & Hanover have kept our business on this scale: so that we can always offer the level of service and dedication to the welfare and development of all our clients that we pride ourselves on.

It is so important for this reason to always support small businesses. When you support a small business by buying from them or using their services, you are making the effort to support men and women who are both ambitious and hardworking, who are creating their own destinies.

Self development

Moreover, if you yourself are the owner of a small business, by supporting other small business owners you will be teaching yourself how to best conduct your own business; it all goes hand in hand, for with cooperation you learn about your own qualities and how to develop your own capabilities. You are also observing a business when you in any way involve yourself by supporting them; at Trent & Hanover, we love to learn about how our clients operate their own businesses through assisting them with their development.

Offering a personalised service

The ability small businesses have to offer a personalised service to their clients cannot be overstated in its importance. A thorough understanding of this could lead to changes in the way people perceive business in general; after all, a lot of negative press around businesses in general is frequently based around the quality of their service, or more accurately the lack thereof. The more that awareness is raised around how smaller scale businesses are better able to offer a genuinely top quality service to their clients, the better they will fare, and the more likely customers and clients are to benefit from this.

Conclusion – Small is the new Big

At Trent & Hanover, our approach has always been based around this idiom primarily. We begin and end with the welfare of our clients and their development in mind. We have clients who have themselves expressed that our personalised approach has enormously helped them with the development of their companies. What we are asking you to do is simple: support small businesses wherever you can.