This is a simple question with a few answers. Right from the start let’s just say that there needs to be a careful balance between how much you say with how many words and the clarity and validity of said words. Careful editing can help with this, but it can be a hard balance to strike.

Clarity of form, structure and writing

First off, remember that written content needs to be clear, properly structured and with good grammar and punctuation. Quality content needs to be reviewed and edited properly. It’s no good simply writing something, making loads of spelling errors and in a rush losing the clarity of your message due to poor wording choices. You need to take the time to write properly and calmly.

Knowing your audience

Professionalism is also essential. Sure, you can be more casual or formal depending on your chosen (or expected) audience, but above all else it needs to be well written. For example, if you are writing about how your business can help another company to do something, you would want to use proper language and express what you mean clearly. You wouldn’t get very far being overly casual or colloquial, or writing in some kind of poetic manner to impress anyone! You need to know your audience.


To sum up, the upsides of well written quality content are many: Your readers will quickly learn to trust you and understand you, and in turn this leads to more attention from social media platforms…poor quality writing won’t be shared on Facebook or Twitter typically. This attention from social media outlets, in turn, leads to higher ranking and conversions, which are essential for good SEO, a big part of what we do here at Trent & Hanover.

Making your content really good can require some tweaking. It isn’t always a straightforward process, because you always have to balance the aspects of A. Thinking about who your audience is; B. Thinking about what they want or need; and C. Thinking ahead of your audience – often simultaneously! It’s not easy, but it is definitely worthwhile as it is a core point of online marketing.

Just as a well written story in the right place can make the headlines, the right content in the right place at the right time can be all a potential client needs in order to make that step from a merely potential customer to an actual customer.