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Widows or Widowers

Online dating website for widows or widowers worldwide

At Trent & Hanover, we specialise in our holistic approach to connecting with our clients. So when a client comes to us with a problem, we take the time to analyse it thoroughly from every angle so that we can best solve it. How we approached dealing with widowsorwidowers is a very good example of how we are able to help our clients achieve great things.

The central issue with widowsorwidowers was their original approach to promoting themselves as a website. In their attempt to push themselves to the top of a typical Google search for widow dating, they spent a great deal of money on Adwords. Unfortunately, what they undoubtedly hoped would be the magnetic pull of Adwords only resulted in a massive monetary drain, for their content on their website was simply not fully developed enough to keep an average customer interested, and so for each click the Adwords cost them; yet, without their actual site itself being enough of a draw, they received very few registrations, and thus ended up spending far more than they made in this first attempt at self promotion.

Our solutions upon examining the problem were to develop two aspects of their website: its organic SEO, and the content marketing of their site. Organic SEO is primarily concerned with the website in relation to Google’s computer analysis software, and the quality of the actual content itself also in relation to data analysis. What needed was for the functionality, optimisation and content of their website to be developed to much higher levels.

This is what we did for them, using our great expertise in helping our clients with similar problems over the years. Once we had successfully done this, the results were clear: doubled their turnover in less than one year, and they reached first ranks on Google for very competitive keywords such as dating widows and widower dating. We feel that it is precisely because of our unique approach to analysing our clients’ businesses and developing a strong connection with them through getting to know them personally that we were able to so effectively assist to become a highly sought after widow and widower dating business.

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